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North Hamgyong Provincial MPS Holding Centre is located in Chongjin City, which falls under the jurisdiction of the North Hamgyong Province in North Korea. The facility is managed by the Ministry of People's Security, which is the country's main law enforcement agency. The facility is staffed by state agents and correctional officers from the MPS. The primary function of the Holding Centre is to detain individuals who have been arbitrarily arrested for crossing the border between North Korea and China. These detainees are held at the Holding Centre temporarily until they are transferred to a penal facility in their respective residential areas. The facility has changed structurally over the years, and it continues to change in accordance with its intended function.

The North Korean Prison Database links detainees, human rights violations, and perpetrators to North Hamgyong Provincial MPS Holding Centre. A navigable version of the digital model can be accessed here.

The detailed digital models for the Building A and the Building B are below.

North Hamgyong MPS Building-A by Korea Future on Sketchfab